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Singing For Non-Singers


This workshop took place in February 2014. Future Singing For Non-Singers Workshops will be announced on this blog. You can subscribe to future posts by entering your email address into the mailing list on the right hand panel.


Singing For Non-Singers – SECOND Workshop Announced

Because this workshop has been so popular, booking out within 48 hours of its announcement, a second Singing For Non Singers workshop has been organised to take place later on the same day. Registrations are essential. To book your place in the second workshop, register below.

Do you break out in a cold sweat at the thought of having to sing Happy Birthday or the National Anthem with a group of people?

I am presenting a FREE community workshop in Cambridge on Sunday 23 February especially for people who feel like they can’t sing.

Singing for Non-Singers is aimed at people who have always wanted to sing, but feel too inhibited to try. The mental block may have started in primary school with a teasing comment of “you’re tone deaf”, or being told by a busy teacher to stand at the back of the choir and “just mouth the words”. No matter where the negative criticism came from, the result is tens of thousands of people in New Zealand who have given up on making music because of a false belief.

Tone deafness is a real medical condition – but it is much, much more rare than the average Simon Cowell wannabe makes it out to be. In the workshop we will discuss and demonstrate the difference between amusia (tone deafness) and simply lacking confidence in matching pitch, which is a much more common and easily improved challenge.

In this fun three-hour session based at the Cambridge Lyceum House on Dick Street you will gain confidence in pitch, rhythm, breathing and even harmony singing.

All you need to bring are your questions and a positive attitude. No one will be required to sing on their own in front of the group, or be put in any kind of embarrassing or stressful situation. The purpose of the workshop is to have fun making music as a group, and create positive associations with sharing your voice.

Strictly Limited To Forty Participants. Register for the Afternoon Workshop below to book your place.

Morning Workshop – BOOKED OUT

Date: Sunday 23 February
Time: 11am-2pm
Location: Cambridge Lyceum House, 20 Dick Street. Tea, Coffee and Biscuits Provided.
Cost: Koha

Afternoon Workshop – PLACES AVAILABLE

Date: Sunday 23 February
Time: 3pm-6pm
Location: Cambridge Lyceum House, 20 Dick Street. Tea, Coffee and Biscuits Provided.
Cost: Koha

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