Musical Theatre Teens Voice Class (Mondays)

Class Times:
Mondays at 6.00pm

$40 / 1 Hour Class (Paid in full at the start of the term)

Scot Hall Voice Studio.
36 Raleigh St, Leamington, Cambridge

Registrations for Term 1 2021 are open via the form below!

Are you obsessed with musical theatre? Do you listen to showtunes all day – in your room, on the bus, when you study, with your friends, in the shower, in your sleep?

This one hour weekly class is for emerging singers in their teens who want to recognise and develop the vocal skills used by top performers in musical theatre. Belt, twang, lyrical, speech quality, harmony, solo singing, acting through song – you will explore all these and integrate them into broadway songs.

Some of the class activities will include:

  • Video examples of amazing (and sometimes not so amazing!) performances in these styles to analyse and geek out over.
  • Group singing in harmony of musical theatre ensemble songs and scenes. There will be learning to do at home – you need to be the kind of person who gets excited by practice and comes prepared.
  • Playful exploration of a vocal structure or quality – for example, “What is nasality? Can we control it?? Is it the same as twang???” (Hint: Yes we can and no, it’s not!)
  • Opportunity to share a work in progress and get snaps, feedback and coaching in front of the group so we all learn together.
  • Discussion and preparation advice about upcoming auditions in our performing community.
  • Homework challenges, support and friendship in the private Facebook group and chat to help you make it through the week until next class!

This class is for motivated students who love musicals and want their own performances on stage or at an audition (or in the shower!) to be the best that it can be. By sharing your work and putting yourself in a room full of equally passionate young artists every week you accelerate your learning and have fun doing it.

My goal with this class is to create the learning environment I dreamed of as a teenager, and help you find your tribe of Musical Theatre Geeks.

Class Times: Mondays at 6.00pm

Cost: $40 / 1 Hour Class (Paid in full at the start of the term)

Location: 36 Raleigh St, Leamington, Cambridge

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