Talented Creative People

The extremely talented Jeremy Mayall recently highlighted this article, detailing why it is important to support your friends’ creative work whenever you can.

I always tell my students that no matter what area of the arts we work in, our collective job title is Storytellers. We are all working towards the same goal regardless of the medium with which we create – we want our audience to leave a different (better, happier, more fulfilled) person for what we have done.

Inspired by Jeremy’s “talented people” lists, I’ve prepared my own list of creative colleagues and friends who are doing cool things:

Tamsyn Miller – aka Chess Countess continues to do amazing things blending the hyper theatricality of her onstage alias with pumpin’ hip hop. You might have seen her at Coca Cola Christmas In The Park, and she recently performed on the mainstage at OneSound music festival in Waikenae. Check out The Chess Countess Facebook Page and Like away – just a handful more Likes and she’ll be eligible for an NZ On Air Grant!

David ArtisSteven Smith and Raweyn Watkins are being delightfully secretive about the upcoming September “event” from their newly formed Three Wines Theatre Company. Lookout for something awesome coming up, and follow the action by Liking on Facebook.

Ben Cain is now sharing his extremely creative illustrations online – “In time I can promise stuff inspired by fairytales, myths, kid’s lit, magic, graphic novels, anatomy, miscellaneous objects, fantastic beasts, spells, illuminated manuscripts and maps of strange places.”

Jenna Hudson is spearheading Improv Combat 2013. The performers are honing their skills, brilliant publicity spectacles are being prepared – don’t miss out on the comedy highlight of the Hamilton calendar!

Ari Nuttal continues to produce “Please Read Aloud”, a low fi collection of Hamilton Poetry and Prose available from Browsers, Auteur House, Harlem Soup Kitchen, Dora’s café, Recycle Boutique, Rocket Ham East, Gordon Harris, Rocket Coffee and many more.

Donna Witherden is an incredibly talented makeup artist. Have a look at her portfolio and you’ll see how her body of work covers the most subtle accenting right through to avant-garde artworks.

The guys at Playshop in Wellington continue to entertain the masses with their Friday Night original live comedy. “PlayShop is characterised by intelligence, energy, solid stagecraft, theatricality and emotional honesty. We believe the skills and philosophies of performance can be used to create exciting, risky, accessible theatre of all types”. If you’re in Wellington, check them out.

Shoshana Shachi Photography is adding another string to her (already outstanding) bow, and is now working along side Petsmile as Hamilton’s first registered Pet Photography Service.

Keep up the amazing work guys!

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