He Is The Most Wonderful Teacher

Although my time with Scot was brief, the lessons received were invaluable and life changing.

Scot reconstructed my concept of singing and took me on a completely different route than what I was used to.

After only a few months with Scot, I landed the lead role in a musical. I attribute this success to Scot. Each lesson I learnt so much, improved and grew in confidence. His support and belief in me has taken my career to a whole new level. He has a wealth of knowledge and was brilliant at making me understand all the technical aspects of singing. With his mentoring, I had the extra momentum to relocate to London and chase my dreams in musical theatre.

He is the most wonderful teacher. I cannot thank him enough and I hope I can do him proud here in London. He and his lessons have meant so much to me and even in London, with all the singing teachers available, I would love to be able to continue lessons with Scot.

Thank you Scot Hall.