Scot is an amazing mentor

I met Scot at a Musical Theatre school holiday programme when I was 12 years old, and I started vocal lessons with him shortly afterwards.

During the past 4 ½ years my vocal range, ability, and strength has grown tremendously. With Scot’s help I have performed well in singing competitions and recitals and I have successfully auditioned for a variety of local musical theatre shows.

Scot has coached and encouraged me and made every lesson feel fun and safe for exploration.  Scot inspires me to believe in my own ability and potential, and to not be afraid of taking on new challenges.

Scot is an amazing mentor – he fosters my love for musical theatre, and continually demonstrates a genuine interest in my future success.

Brooke Ottaway

Lessons that fitted my needs

  • Beginning singing lessons with Scot was not only life-changing for my singing but my musical theatre career as well.

With Scot’s help I was able to assemble multiple song programmes and use these to and successfully complete my Level 3 and Scholarship music exams and participate in masterclasses.

Scot also assisted me in auditioning for musical theatre schools in both Australia and New Zealand. I believe that my acceptance into the National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Art (NASDA) is largely to do with the work and effort that Scot put into assisting me with developing my voice, as well as preparing me for my auditions throughout the year.

With Scot’s extensive knowledge of vocal techniques, musical theatre and audition skills, he was able to deliver lessons that fitted my needs – focusing on the areas where I was in need of the most assistance.

I cannot thank Scot enough for the impact that he has had on my life and I am looking forward to working with him again in the future.

One of the best decisions of my life

Seeing Scot for singing lessons was one of the best decisions of my life. Despite many years of involvement in musical theatre, I lacked musical confidence and never truly trusted my voice. As a result I hated auditions, and even worse, often felt I had kind of faked my way into the roles I got.

Scot’s personal coaching helped me understand my voice and what I’m capable of. He taught me to not only make better use of my instrument, but to relax and enjoy myself in the process. And I know it will keep getting better the more I do it. Honestly, for me working with Scot has been a liberating, transformational, enriching experience that I know will continue.

Mike Williams

He is the most wonderful teacher

Although my time with Scot was brief, the lessons received were invaluable and life changing.

Scot reconstructed my concept of singing and took me on a completely different route than what I was used to.

After only a few months with Scot, I landed the lead role in a musical. I attribute this success to Scot. Each lesson I learnt so much, improved and grew in confidence. His support and belief in me has taken my career to a whole new level. He has a wealth of knowledge and was brilliant at making me understand all the technical aspects of singing. With his mentoring, I had the extra momentum to relocate to London and chase my dreams in musical theatre.

He is the most wonderful teacher. I cannot thank him enough and I hope I can do him proud here in London. He and his lessons have meant so much to me and even in London, with all the singing teachers available, I would love to be able to continue lessons with Scot.

Thank you Scot Hall.

Madison Hughes

I personally can’t wait to work with them again

I had the pleasure of Scot’s guidance during my prep for the national tour of State Highway 48.

A new musical, with complex harmonies and an important story to be told through those lyrics and melodies. Scot not only gave me fantastic help over that period, he always filled me in particular with confidence to not only carry out the song but to try new things.

His understanding of how musical theatre is, should be, and works for each performer is due to him having “walked the walk”. I personally can’t wait to work with him again.

Shane Cortese

I would not be where I am today without him

I received lessons from Scot for nearly two years, and it was his enthusiasm and support towards me as his student which inspired me to grow in my confidence as a performer.

Experienced not just as a singer, but also in a range of performance areas, he has a lot of knowledge and skills to pass on, and I have learnt so much from having him as my teacher.

I would not be where I am today without him.

Alice McConnochie