Transformational singing lessons in Cambridge, NZ

It’s time to fall in love with your voice

You have a dream of using your voice to move people’s hearts. 

To hear the deafening silence when you finish your performance and the audience holds their breath to keep the magic alive.

To perform in stunning productions, play dream roles, work in professional theatre in Aotearoa, the West End, Broadway.

To be a leader in your theatre community.

Let me help

I’m Scot, and I help New Zealand singers develop world class performance skills, and fall in love with their voice in the process. 

For 10 years I have helped passionate singers like you go from musical theatre super-fans to emerging professionals and leaders in their theatre communities.

It is possible to discover the voice of your dreams. It’s possible to make expressive singing easy and reliable. And it’s possible to take this adventure with a spirit of play, kindness, and creativity.

Private singing lessons

Fall In Love With Your Voice

Private singing tuition that highlights your strengths, grows your technique and artistry, and guides you towards your singing goals.

classes and workshops

Find Your Tribe

Join a new musical family in an ongoing class like Musical Theatre Teens Voice, Kids Sing! or Confidence Builders.

Or dive into a specialist workshop like Microphone Technique, Musical Theatre Audition Skills, Singing for Non Singers, Acting Through Song and more.

“I found a new love for musical theatre in 2019, and what I have achieved in just one year thanks to Scot is incredible. 

My voice has developed at a rapid pace; my vocal range grows higher each lesson and my ability to sustain good technique throughout tough repertoire has improved as well.

Without Scot’s guidance this year, I would never have been able to perform my Scholarship Music Programme at the standard that I did. 

There’s never a dull moment when learning with Scot – he matches my extroverted personality perfectly, which is what makes our lessons the highlight of my week!”
Sasha Kirkwood